Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sheep and . . . penguins??

I  know they're hard to see, but the moving dots are penguins!

Yesterday we drove out to the Otago Peninsula, just outside of Dunedin, to see if we could catch the penguins coming in after spending the day feeding in the sea. We were told to arrive just after 7pm, and right as we walked up, these two were coming out of the water. The drive out to the peninsula was fantastic . . . rolling hillsides dotted with sheep and old stone walls . . . really beautiful. Who would have thought that penguins and sheep would live on the same coastline?


  1. What a cute little video! I haven't ever seen a penguin in real life except for behind some glass at the zoo. The sheep are cool too but im more partial to the penguins. ;) haha


  2. Oh my goodness, Atison would be so pleased, he loves Penguins!!