Sunday, January 30, 2011

Opera House Tour

I thought I'd post a couple of pictures from our tour of the Sydney Opera House. The interior is definitely 70's inspired, but somehow it all works! They have slowly begun to redo some of the interior spaces according to plans left by the original architect, Jorn Utzen, in his last years. One room that hasn't been touched is the foyer with the bright purple carpet. Apparently when Pavarotti performed at the Opera House he refused to participate in a photo shoot scheduled in that room because of that carpet so they had to move it to another room with red carpet . . . go figure . . .

As if we haven't posted (or taken) enough shots of the Opera House exterior, below you'll find a couple more, these taken from the Harbour Bridge during our walk across it. The amazing thing about the building is that every time you see it from a different angle it demands another photo. It really is an incredible structure.

On a completely different note, while we were watching a movie in the lounge with a couple of students, another spider appeared on the wall . . . bigger than the last one, but still not as big as they come. As we were all taking pictures it suddenly jumped off the wall and ran into the middle of our group. Obviously we all screamed and jumped up on the furniture . . . except me, of course, who had to keep everyone calm. ;)


Foyer outside the Opera Theater

Another interior shot of the Opera House

View from the downtown end of the
Harbor Bridge

Circular Quay

Walking across the Harbor Bridge

The Rocks historic district

Charlotte's mother? (maybe 4" diameter . . . yikes)

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